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Ways to keep your brain busy in Winter

Keeping our brains busy with new hobbies can help our well being.

Whether it is playing music, writing or trying a different place to go for yet another walk, small things can make a difference to how we feel. Here’s why.

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How Are You Feeling?

Seriously. how do you feel?

This Children’s Mental Health Week, we want to think about answering this question.

Mindfulness and some brain health basics can help us recognise and support each other’s emotional health.

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5 words which can help your brain health

5 words which can help your brain health If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s the small, seemingly insignificant experiences that we have much gratitude for.Whether it’s a hand written note from a friend, the colourful joy in a bunch of fresh

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Immune System Support

Times they are a changing- slightly- but it’s important to remember that supporting our immune system as we continue to chart our way through this covid-19 storm is still extremely important  An important way to help support our immune system is looking at what we

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Reasons to have a good cry

Reasons to have a good cry Crying – whether it’s tears of joy, frustration anger or sadness can help us feel better. In a piece in The Guardian, an analysis of 140 years of media articles on crying shows that a whopping 94% extol its virtues.  Although consistent science is missing from

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Store Cupboard foods with brain benefits

5 brain healthy foods from the cupboard ( and one from the freezer) and why they are worth giving a try Oily fish– the story your mum used to tell you that eating fish would help you at school? Well it turns out she was

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Can eating certain foods help us sleep?

It’s a no brainer that coffee or caffeine before bed can be a sleep disrupter. But did your know that  certain foods can be helpful to our sleep? Melatonin is a hormone that is released in larger amounts as we get closer to bed time,

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Anti Oxidants- Why they are important for brain health

To understand why antioxidants are important  here is a little refresher on school science  Remember that electrons, proteins and neutrons make up atoms? Atoms want their electrons to be in pairs to be seen as stable  Unstable groups of atoms have one or more unpaired

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