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The B vitamin family are renowned for energy production. Some of these vitamins are more famous than others (e.g. B12 & Folic Acid), but are all beginning to get a reputation for the role they play in making cells work better. They do this by playing a crucial role* in speeding up all of a cell’s activities.

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And what’s this got to do with the Brain?
The brain is the most active organ in our bodies and it needs a lot of energy to fuel all the activities it undertakes. From breathing to burping to baton twirling, the brain has a hand in it all. So Vitamin B helps keep the brain’s cells sharp.

Unsurprisingly it is very important that we don’t run out of Vitamin B. The body can’t store it for very long so we need to refuel daily. Naturally occurring Vitamin B (which is the best kind) is found in wholegrain breads, cereals, liver and spinach amongst other foods, but it’s difficult these days to know how much of the stuff is in these foods – note: see the whole quality vs preparation debate. Not everyone eats these foods and on top of that absorbing Vitamin B can be impacted by some medication and your individual make up.

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