Our Story: Noggin the Brain People
Our Story: Noggin the Brain People
Our Story: Noggin the Brain People

We are just getting started …

Our brains are amazing. What is even more amazing is that what we do and choices we make can affect and change how our brains perform and behave on a daily basis. And what we’re learning is that this isn’t just important day to day, but for the longer term, and may have the ability to reduce our risks of developing conditions such as Alzheimer’s dementia.


At Noggin, we want to help you realise that too and share practical ways to look after your noggin, and the noggins of the ones you love. Our Bloggin Noggin is regularly being updated with information, evidence and suggestions around ways to help our Noggins and the Noggins of those we care about

Giving Back

We recognise the importance of supporting those affected already by diseases such as dementia and depression. We will help local community projects focused on physical and emotional support for people and their families.

March 2020-

” We were delighted to be able to offer our products to over 300 guests at Street Soccer’s Women Inspired Gala Lunch on March 6th in Edinburgh.

David Duke, MBE and CEO of Street Soccer Scotland and his team work across Scotland to use the power of football to help people in need change their life for the better.

Inspiring words from David kicked the lunch off and we were on the edge of our seats listening to the incredible Mollie Hughes telling her fascinating stories from her Arctic endeavours illustrated with jaw dropping pictures of the real South Pole.

We are looking forward to working with Street Soccer in the future and were honoured to be part of such an amazing event”

Noggin Nutritional supplements

So here’s the thing. We can do lots of things to help support our brain and optimise our brain health. But what we feed it is important. We have developed a range of nutritional supplements to help support our brain healthy diet and lifestyle ideas.

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