5 Famous women living with Multiple Sclerosis

5 Famous women living with Multiple Sclerosis

With an estimated 2.8 million people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) every year, it's no surprise that there are a number of famous people who have MS and have spoken publicly about their diagnosis and experience. 

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Over 7,000 people are diagnosed in the UK every year with the condition, so raising awareness of signs and symptoms of MS is important, and advocacy is an important part of that. Here's 6 famous women that you may, or may not know are living with MS:

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate, an actress best known for her roles in "Married... with Children," "Dead to Me," and "Anchorman," publicly revealed her multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis in August 2021. 

Christina has been open about the challenges she faces with MS, including dealing with fatigue and mobility issues. She has expressed the emotional toll the diagnosis has taken but remains determined to continue her acting career. Christina uses her platform to raise awareness about MS and support others living with the condition, emphasising the importance of self-care and mental health and has recently launched MeSsy, a podcast she hosts with Jamie-Lynn Sigler about living with MS. 

Selma Blair

Actress Selma Blair, known for her work in films such as "Cruel Intentions," "Legally Blonde," and "Hellboy," announced her MS diagnosis in 2018. Selma has shared her journey candidly through social media and interviews, discussing the physical and emotional challenges of living with MS. She has spoken about the difficulties with speech and movement, as well as the treatments she undergoes to manage symptoms. Selma's openness - especially via her instagram account - has inspired many and brought significant attention to MS, making her a powerful advocate for those affected by the disease.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, best known for her role as Meadow Soprano on the TV show "The Sopranos," revealed her MS diagnosis in 2016, though she had been living with the condition since she was 20. Jamie-Lynn has talked about the physical challenges she faces, including difficulty walking and the need for assistance with mobility. Despite these obstacles, she continues to work in the entertainment industry and raise her family. Jamie-Lynn's story has helped to demystify MS and encourage others to seek support and treatment, something that she's recently taken further in her advocacy by co-presenting a podcast with Christina Applegate called MeSsy

Bianca Wallace

Bianca Wallace, an actress and filmmaker, publicly disclosed her MS diagnosis in 2021. Bianca has shared her experiences with the condition, highlighting the initial shock of her diagnosis and the subsequent changes in her daily life. She has discussed the importance of maintaining a positive outlook and staying active, even when dealing with the fatigue and pain associated with MS. Bianca uses her story to inspire others and advocate for greater awareness and understanding of the disease.

Emma Caulfield Ford

Emma Caulfield Ford, known for her roles in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "WandaVision," revealed her MS diagnosis in 2022. Emma has spoken about the impact MS has had on her career and personal life, including the challenges of managing symptoms while working in a demanding industry. She emphasises the importance of a strong support system and has become an advocate for MS awareness. Emma has said that she hopes to provide comfort and encouragement to others facing similar battles and encourage others to seek diagnosis.