Giving Back

At Noggin everything we do is about supplementing brain health. Whether that is with information on our blog, up to date research or nutritional supplements, we want to do all we can to help everyone look after their brains. We know education is key to helping us understand what we can do to look after our brains.

One of the most amazing things about the brain is that it has the ability to remould itself and create new connections throughout our whole lives, not just in our younger years as was once thought[1].

This means that we are never too young or too old to learn about how we can improve the health of our brain for the better and at Noggin we feel passionate about spreading this message.

We believe helping our children learn about their ability to look after their brain with a healthy lifestyle, as well as how they talk to themselves and others, is a foundation to happier healthier lives[2].

One of our goals with our work at Noggin is to create a schools educational programme to bring this awareness into the classroom and our homes. We plan to take a donation from all product sales to help us in this goal.

We now know that the way to help a child develop optimally is to help create connections in her brain - her whole brain - that develop skills that lead to better relationships, better mental health, and more meaningful lives. You could call it brain sculpting, or brain nourishing, or brain building. Whatever phrase you prefer, the point is crucial, and thrilling: as a result of the words we use and the actions we take, children's brains will actually change, and be built, as they undergo new experiences.

Daniel J. Siegel [3]


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