Feeling a bit blah?

Feeling a bit blah?

Anyone else feeling a bit blah, meh or feeling their 'get up and go' has 'got up and gone'?

I write this as I too, as well as a friend I spoke with just the other day, are both feeling all of the above.
These feelings can manifest in a number of ways.
It may be the time of year with the seasons changing, the wet weather or worry as we navigate Covid, the uncertainty it brings.
It could be taking longer than you anticipated to adopt new regimes when it comes to working, education and day to day living. Or it could just be for any reason.

These feelings can manifest themselves in a number of ways:
- what is the point
- wondering what the world is coming to
- finding a million ways to procrastinate and avoid doing the job or task you should be doing
- not wanting to get off the couch
- wanting to eat copious amounts of food, the more unhealthy the better- drinking wine as a consolation reward
- not feeling inspired. At all.
- beating yourself up about not feeling like doing anything that day or the day before or the day tomorrow
- not really seeing the point (you know there is a point but right now you just can't be bothered!) 
- wanting to stay in bed
- feeling guilty for feeling ‘blah'
- unsure whether to just indulge in the ‘blah' or fight it
Everyone has these days but these feelings can be especially heightened right now if you’ve been made redundant, are unwell, lost your business, are furloughed and worried about job security or your health.

It’s also a very difficult and unstable time if you're self employed, freelance or a business owner and your livelihood depends on you not feeling very ‘blah’.
Here are some steps to tackle the ‘blah' factor. If however you are worried about your own mental health or of that of a family member, please speak with your GP.
There are also a number of mental health charities and services online you can check out, the NHS has a full list here.

Acceptance  It’s ok to not be ok and we all have those days. Accept it and sit with it, don’t fight it. You won’t win.

Do something, anything, but don’t go on social media as this may make you prone to fo the comparison thing which is never good but especially when you don’t feel like you’re firing on all cylinders. Trust me, I’m a Doctor.

Watch Gone With The Wind or another worldly movie, take a virtual tour - visit these amazing museums from around the world from the comfort of your own home or listen to an educational and inspiring podcast. Shake it up a bit when it comes to media and what you tend to watch or read.

A 20 min walk works wonders for your mood. Even though the weather of late has been distinctly un-summery if you can get out, you will feel the benefits.Though do make sure you’re wearing adequate clothing. Nothing adds more to the ‘blah’ vibe than getting soaked to the skin in the wind and rain.

Phone A Friend
Texts and WhatsApp messages are all well and good but somethings need to be said and also heating someone else’s voice can lift our mood. Don’t be hiding away, phone a friend if you can, even a quick 5mins can lift your mood and theirs. So win, win. 

Manage Pressure

Do you have to do all the things you think you have to do, today? Will doing it today rather than tomorrow have a negative or positive impact on the outcomes? When feeling ‘blah’ I only concentrate on exactly what needs to be done, so prioritise because your health and wellbeing is SUPER important.

Think Like Scarlett O’Hara
Have faith that all will be well and remember that famous line from that wonderful movie, Gone With The Wind "After all, tomorrow is another day!" 

Keep Well, Dr Clara Russell