How do you like your eggs in the morning?

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Eggs are a nutritional brain health powerhouse - here's why

‘Go to work on an egg’ was a public health message back in the 1950s and 60’s until guidance changed and eggs became a focus of possible links with cholesterol and heart disease.

Now, like many things, we seem to be going back in time and realising that the humble egg has a lot to offer especially on the breakfast menu.

Eggs and brain health

Eggs are full of brain health benefits - 

  • One of the few dietary sources of vitamin D so vital to keeping our levels of Vitamin D at or above normal. Vitamin D is all in the yolk so if you favour egg white omelettes you will miss out on this 
  •  Sources of brain essential B vitamins including B6 and B12
  •  Egg yolks in particular, contain choline (ko-leen)  which is  key to production of near transmitters acetylcholine. This is important for memory, mood, muscle control and brain and nervous system functions. 

What about the risks?

Evidence published in the British Medical Journal confirmed that eating eggs in moderation is not associated with cardiovascular risk

Anything else?

  • Eggs for breakfast as a source of protein has also been shown to reduced hunger throughout the day which can be beneficial for reducing snacking and weight management
  • Eggs and dementia risk

With so many brain healthy benefits, do eggs have a role in reducing risk for cognitive decline?

Research suggests they might -  moderate egg intake may have a beneficial association with some areas ofcognitive performance. Of course there is more research needed and there is no single magic bullet to looking after your brain health.  

How to cook eggs?

  • However you like!

For us a Noggin HQ, we like to keep it simple!

During lockdown we have been trying our best to perfect the simple scrambled egg and of course the ubiquitous omelette

Keep well,

Dr Clara Russell