"I didn't dream of success. I worked for it"

"I didn't dream of success. I worked for it"

Sleep, dreams and why they matter for brain health
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So said Estée Lauder.

Which got me thinking.. 

... about dreams 

.. & dreaming

We shouldn't confuse dreaming as being the opposite of doing. 

Dreaming is important. Dreaming is also a normal part of healthy sleep. 

Good restorative sleep has been connected to better cognitive function & emotional health. Studies have linked dreams to effective thinking,memory & emotional processing.

All critical functions to help us do our jobs better and show up more engaged for our teams and those whom we hold dear.

I was interested to see the attached paper 

It's been suggested as a solid piece of research adding to the growing evidence for a link between sleep and dementia.

So don't be so hung up about letting your mind wander. 

Work on your sleep routine as it's the single most effective thing we can do to rest our brain & physical health each day.

Dr Clara