Nutrient Headlines

Nutrient Headlines

Bite sized information on our favourite nutrients

Bite sized information on our favourite nutrients

Vitamin B1 - thiamine

Why do we need it ? 

This helps us use carbohydrates effectively so it’s vital to our metabolism. Not having enough B1 can result in confusion, memory loss and mood changes such as a feeling of not being interested in things ( apathy)  Having sufficiency B1 can help with energy and some evidence has shown it can help with learning also. Drinking alcohol in excess can increase risk for B1 deficiency as it impacts the way we absorb vitamin B1 from fro 

Vitamin B1 can be found in yeast, nuts, beans, oats and meat. 

Vitamin B2- known as Riboflavin

Why do we need it?

Vitamin B2 helps in energy release to all cells in our body. It also helps production of B3- niacin- another important type of vitamin B 

B2 helps with hormone production, formation of red blood cells and nerve function

The function of B vitamins in their production of energy from other nutrients is a key part of their role in brain health

Vitamin B2 can be found in Beef liver, milk, whole grains foods and our favourite - Green Leafy Vegetables. 

We’ve probably all heard that vitamin C is good for our #immune system and helps with coughs and colds. But it’s also really important for our brains 

Why? Not only is it a powerful anti oxidant , it also helps the production of brain essential chemicals known as neurotransmitters (such as dopamine and acetylcholine ). These guys are vital to our brain function and every day health and can also help maintain healthy arteries so also important for our heart and blood pressure.

And Vitamin C is not just in oranges- mangoes. green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and kiwi fruit are also loaded with this essential vitamin. 

Vitamin C  is water soluble which means our bodies natural filtration system ensures we remove any excesses so that means we need to keep our intake of Vitamin C rich foods topped up 


Dr Clara Russell