Podcasts to boost Brain Power

Podcasts to boost Brain Power

Downtime and taking a break is so important as we continue to navigate the challenges around day to day living as we adapt to the new normal.

Many of us are suffering from stress and anxiety and you can check out my tips on how to de-stress here.

Whether it’s reading a book, cooking, swimming or gardening, time to switch off is an absolute must.

Taking a break has also been found to increase productivity and creativity.

Here are some recommendations from Team Noggin on some stimulating and relaxing podcasts.

The Travel Diaries

Since travelling abroad could potentially be stressful right now due to Covid, why not plug into some escapism via The Travel Diaries podcast.

Host Holly Rubenstein interviews a plethora of people including Rick Stein, Jo Malone, Sir Michael Palin, Nadiya Hussain and Tom Kerridge about their travel experiences.

Postcards From Midlife

Editing powerhouses Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin have been working in magazine publishing for 20 years and are long term friends. 

Their conversations cover everything from handling mansplainers, the menopause and managing a mid-life crisis, parenting kids and providing care to elderly parents. 

If you’re of a certain age you will relate.

Revisionist History

New York Times best-selling author and public speaker Malcolm Gladwell talks with Virginia Heffernan about notorious and intriguing

events from the past and re-examones them. This is an intelligent and educational series, over10 episodes.

Feel Better, Live More

Dr Ranjan Chatterjee speaks to fellow experts about topics like mental health, relationships, sleep, productivity, meditation, mindfulness and more. 

Stuff You Should Know

Perfect fodder for pub/ zoom chat or to keep up your sleeve for when we can all socialise more freely. 

If you’ve ever wondered how miniature golf works, or the story of champagne, LSD, El Nino and Rosa Parks, then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep Well

Dr Clara Russell