Rest your Brain

Our brains are constantly being bombarded with distractions. Research from Harvard confirms we are distracted up to 47% of the time. Psychological research has shown that distracted brains are not happy brains proving we need to rest our brains. By taking time during the day to give our brains a rest we can improve our mental health, decision making and sleep better at night 

Practicing Mindfulness involves paying attention to thoughts, breath or sounds in a focused calm and non judgmental way. This helps us stay grounded in the moment and helps us return our wandering thoughts back to the present.

You don’t have to sit quietly and chant ‘ohm’ if you don’t want to - mindful thinking can be brought to any quiet moment or even day to day activities - focusing on the moment and the action you are doing is key to helping your brain feel the benefits.

Clearer thinking, better sleep, reduction in stress and anxiety and feeling happier are all positive outcomes from studies that have looked at the practices of meditation.