oomph supplements


On the quest for a clearer mind? Consistent energy? Steady concentration? Supporting your brain is our aim with this complete nootropic blend, created to tackle common symptoms of a sluggish brain and suboptimal focus.


How it works?

Our caffeine-free formula is energizing without the crash, due to the inclusion of panax ginseng, an ancient adaptogenic root. In addition to this, Oomph includes B vitamins for energy, zinc for cognition, rosemary to support memory, ginkgo biloba to support blood flow in the brain, lions mane for focus and concentration, choline for neurotransmitter production, rhodiola for anxiety, glutathione for antioxidants and vitamin D for overall wellbeing. Phew!

Is this right for me?

Here are a few scenarios in which you might find yourself in need of our OOMPH brain boosting supplement:

  • You’ve been burning the candle at both ends recently and feel close to burnout.
  • You’re a busy professional trying to juggle your priorities in a demanding job.
  • You’re a frazzled parent, trying to fit everything into the day but struggling to find the hours.
  • You’re studying for exams and need something to help you concentrate.
  • You’re suffering with concentration issues such as brain fog or fatigue.
  • You're looking to consume the NHS recommended daily intake of Vitamin D. One capsule of OOMPH has you covered.
My wife got me OOMPH for my birthday. I used to complain about my inability to focus for a while. The fact that I’m a monthly subscriber says it all.